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The goodness and quality of our rice goes a long way back. From a centuries-old tradition of rice production in the Verona area, which still lives on in our commitment and in the products of Riseria Gazzani. It is a source of pride for us, and a source of trust for those who enjoy our artisanal rice. The history of the Vigasio ricery derives from the Gazzani mill, origins of which date back to the Renaissance: between the end of the 15th century and the early 16th century. In 1648, rice processing was added, and since then the tradition has been maintained and updated in line with Gazzani excellence.

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Today the rice mill belongs to the Soave family. Nowadays, the mill is used exclusively as a rice mill, and continues the centuries-old tradition of husking the Carnaroli and Vialone Nano rice varieties. We look after the ancient and fascinating factory on the waters of the Graicella with passion.

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From the rice mill to you, wherever you are! We ship our products with home delivery of Gazzani Rice throughout Italy, including the islands. If you wish to visit the Riseria Gazzani rice mill, and discover the ancient techniques of rice processing, we can organise guided tours or school trips, contact us!


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Discover our rice, its artisanal production, and all its varieties.


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For those who are looking for high quality, authentic rice, Riseria Gazzani products ensure the best nutritional properties and taste. The rice is cultivated in land submerged by spring water, which guarantees a totally uncontaminated cultivation. The land is worked in rotation every four years, varying the crops to keep them fertile and healthy. The result is a unique rice, processed in an artisanal way with machinery driven by a large water wheel. Gazzani’s rice varieties are considered among the best for their cooking and yield.


The rice processing has remained unchanged over the years, and the action of the 'Pestelli' is still in operation.

These Pestelli are vertical wooden mechanisms that work by beating the paddy rice rhythmically, without heating it and keeping its protein content intact.


Our daily commitment, renews the history of Riseria Gazzani, with the wisdom of ancient techniques and the love for rice processing.
In every grain there is the nourishment of the soil, the history of the classic processing, the passion of those who love the goodness of rice.


Even coming from an ancient history and traditional techniques, the rice mill is perfectly integrated in rice production with the highest competence today.
Our products are successful thanks to our craftsmanship and the proposal of products for different needs.

Since 1648

Riseria Gazzani rice mill


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