Carnaroli Rice – Gourmet Line

Carnaroli rice Gourmet line

Carnaroli Rice – Gourmet Line

The Carnaroli ‘Gourmet Line’ is cultivated in medium-textured soils (mixed sand), which are submerged with spring water. The process that the rice plant undergoes guarantees a totally uncontaminated cultivation. The land is worked in rotation every four years, varying the crops for the well-being of the soil. This Carnaroli rice is considered to be one of the best rices for the most elaborate recipes. Known for its excellent cooking properties in any preparation, it is therefore ideal for fine risottos, special dishes and gourmet recipes. Carnaroli is a rice that can bind, combine and enhance the most diverse flavours.

Rice processed in an artisanal way, with machinery driven by a large water wheel with a diameter of six metres, in the old Gazzani rice mill. Recommended for risottos, rice salads and for very demanding palates. It is a rice suitable for gift boxes and Christmas baskets.

Cooking time: approx. 16/18 minutes

Net weight: 1000 g

Packaging type: ATM (Protective Atmosphere) and canvas

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Riseria Gazzani
Carnaroli Rice – Gourmet Line

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