Vialone Nano – Gourmet Line

Vialone Nano – Gourmet Line

Vialone Nano ‘Linea Gourmet’ is cultivated in medium-textured soils (mixed sand), which are submerged with spring water – guaranteeing the rice an uncontaminated cultivation. The land is worked in rotation every four years, varying the crops for the well-being of the soil itself.

Characterized by stubby grains, this Vialone Nano is an excellent rice that absorbs seasonings well. It gives a good yield during cooking, for delicious recipes. This rice is processed in an artisanal manner in the historic rice mill in Vigasio, using machinery driven by a mighty water wheel with a diameter of six metres.

This rice is appreciated by gourmands because of its age-old gastronomic tradition, suitable for creamy, grainy risottos. Ideal for gift boxes and Christmas baskets.

Cooking time: approx. 16/18 minutes

Net weight: 1000 g

Packaging type: ATM (Protective Atmosphere) and canvas

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Riseria Gazzani
Vialone Nano – Gourmet Line

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